Monthly Giving

Monthly giving allows us to plan ahead, enhance programming, and expand hours. 


a month can provide a month of healthy food for one person.


a month a month can give 3 people free access to our collaborative foot and wound care clinic.


a month can support our Women's Programming.

Our Wishlist & Gifts In Kind

Do you have something you'd like to give to Aurora Commons?  Below is a list of Common needs. Please email Marge to coordinate dropping-off your gift to make sure we are a good fit for the donation.

Common Needs:

- Wound Care Kits (antibiotic ointment, extra-large bandaids, alcohol pads, sterile gloves, gauze, medical tape).
- Washed, gently-used Men's Clothing
- Washed, gently-used Women's Clothing
- Silverware, Cups, Mugs, Plates, Bowls
- Shoes
- Socks
- Sleeping Bags
- Outdoor Gear
- Tarps
- Phone Chargers
- Hygiene products

Also, here is a link to our Amazon Wish List. 
Items from our Amazon wishlist can be sent to: Aurora Commons, Attn: Elizabeth Dahl.  
Thank you for your consideration!

Questions about making an in-kind gift can go to


Organizational support network

We are so grateful to our organizational support network who provide regular in-kind gifts and donations. We could not do this without you!


Volunteers support Aurora Commons in every aspect of our programming. Whether it’s sharing a skill, offering their loving presence, hosting a food and/or clothing drive, or offering their time, Aurora Commons simply could not operate without our incredible volunteers. Our volunteers have incredible hearts and help ensure our neighbors on Aurora have a safe space to be known, cared-for, and loved.

What skill could you share?

Example Volunteer roles:
Art Classes
Building & Woodworking
Chaplain of Presence
Community Clean-up
Donation Closet
Donation Pickup/Drop-off
Errand Runner
Events Volunteer (Annual Benefit, Holiday Parties, etc…)
Hair Stylists
Massage Therapists
Meal prep & delivery
People’s Librarian
Repairs/Handy Human
Special Occassion Baking/Cooking
Space Beautification (aka cleaning)


If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Volunteer sign up form

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